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124 t1WzFt6JdLZpky5jPCMk1VUVw********** 0.01206481 ZER 21 hours ago
123 t1ZmrWKLxaVcpMv5AGydChWKg********** 0.00105453 ZER 1 day ago
122 t1fuokpNCEzAi8gmYoEph1SXU********** 0.01036610 ZER 1 day ago
121 t1LgqF73YPDA94yXXPrX6ANd4********** 0.00130361 ZER 1 day ago
120 t1csQjzoK2Bshd8LyE1RVnKP1********** 0.01329253 ZER 2 days ago
119 t1fuokpNCEzAi8gmYoEph1SXU********** 0.00707380 ZER 2 days ago
118 t1fuokpNCEzAi8gmYoEph1SXU********** 0.00324277 ZER 3 days ago